I’m halfway through my 5K training program. I usually run outside and it’s a bit hilly. My left hip/outer thigh has been sore after my outdoor training - usually a couple hours later and I haven’t been really good about stretching after my runs. 

Today was rainy so I ran on the treadmill at work for the 1st time. Don’t know if it has something to do with running on the treadmill but I was super sore and stiff immediately on the left hip/outer thigh (oddly, my right side feels fine) - I did stretch after my workout today. Seriously guys - I couldn’t bend to pick up anything off the floor tonight without wincing and me taking a full minute to do it.

I took some Advil and am resting tonight. I looked up some YouTube hip & glute stretches & exercises and will start them tomorrow. I’ll probably take 2-3 rest days as well. I really am enjoying my 5K training and don’t want to stop running so I guess it’s time to learn about the support my body needs to continue. 

Any advice on this is most welcome!